Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Download my new song, AND shenanigans from my temp job.

Hey there friends.

First, I want to say that I've cleaned up my home-made demo of "Like You Mean It" and put it up on for free (or pay what you want) download. It's a very cool site promoting "fair trade music." and very in line with my views of what the music industry should be (music straight from artist to fan). Check it out by clicking here.

That's enough business. As established in earlier posts, I have a temp job through holidays. Being the day before Thanksgiving, I'm the only soul here and have nothing to do. Here's my day so far:

Handstands for about 20 minutes...

Surprise Stapler Attack from Behind Overturned Desk Chair:

Figuring out if I can fit under the row of office chairs (yes, I can):

And recreating my face with post-its:

Oh yes. And the phone rang. Once.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New song! "Like You Mean It"

A fun day of recording at Casa Klim (things really started moving after my roomie supplied me with some red wine). I'm pretty psyched about this one...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kate By Numbers

Hey friends. I have a temp job through the holidays, and not much to do. I thought I'd waste time, and at the give you some information about myself that you probably don't need or care to know.

Here it is. Kate by numbers.

19: the number I arbitrarily picked as my lucky number while in Jr. High
4: siblings
1: Number of broken bones in my lifetime
5: Months I've lived in Nashville
7: Years I lived in Boston
14: freckles on my right arm visible to me at this moment.
3: Shows and concerts I've been to within the last week (God bless Nashville)
13: Musical theater shows I did in Jr. High and high school
5: Days per week that I spend as a vegan
2: Days per week that I break down and eat sushi or baked goods
4: Maximum amount of drinks I can have before I behave in an embarrassing manner
7: Number of drinks I tend to have at weddings
12: Number of Tic Tacs I've had today
11: Number of songs I plan to have on my next album
9: Things that are yellow that I can see from this desk right now (number is high due to my love of post-its)

Ok. I will subject you to no more. I'm working on a new song I plan on posting here over the weekend. It's very indie-pop and I'm psyched. So check back my friends :)