Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kate By Numbers

Hey friends. I have a temp job through the holidays, and not much to do. I thought I'd waste time, and at the give you some information about myself that you probably don't need or care to know.

Here it is. Kate by numbers.

19: the number I arbitrarily picked as my lucky number while in Jr. High
4: siblings
1: Number of broken bones in my lifetime
5: Months I've lived in Nashville
7: Years I lived in Boston
14: freckles on my right arm visible to me at this moment.
3: Shows and concerts I've been to within the last week (God bless Nashville)
13: Musical theater shows I did in Jr. High and high school
5: Days per week that I spend as a vegan
2: Days per week that I break down and eat sushi or baked goods
4: Maximum amount of drinks I can have before I behave in an embarrassing manner
7: Number of drinks I tend to have at weddings
12: Number of Tic Tacs I've had today
11: Number of songs I plan to have on my next album
9: Things that are yellow that I can see from this desk right now (number is high due to my love of post-its)

Ok. I will subject you to no more. I'm working on a new song I plan on posting here over the weekend. It's very indie-pop and I'm psyched. So check back my friends :)


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