Saturday, January 30, 2010

The NEW Album Is Coming! (But I Need Your Help...)

Hello friends, fans, and music supporters,

After a year or so of dodging the question “when will the next CD come out?” I finally have an answer! It will be recorded in Boston this summer, and produced by the talented Brian Packer. (Those of you who have seen my band in action in Boston will recognize him as my super awesome guitar player.) This spring will be spent fundraising (cough, cough) and the album should be released in the fall. It’s going to have an amazing band, and some of my favorite songs from the past few years (Kamikaze Love, Nothing to Do With You, Franklin…) You can hear some of my new songs on this very blog.

The ultimate fundraising goal is $10,000, which sure sounds like an awful lot of money, but is actually on the low end as far as CD budgets go. While times are tough, I’m confident that it can be done, and welcome any support you can give. If 100 people give $100, we’re there! If you don’t have $100, give what you can. Pre-ordering the CD costs $20, and if half this mailing list does that I will still exceed my goal! No matter what you give, a donation will grant you access to my recording blog, where I will keep you involved in the recording process (videos from the studio, title suggestions, etc.) I’m also looking for some Album-fundraiser house concerts, so please shoot me an email if you think you could contribute by hosting one of those!

Here are the levels of donations (ALL of which are appreciated!)

$20 – Autographed, pre-ordered copy the CD, which will be released in fall 2010.

$50 – 2 Autographed, pre-ordered copies of the CD, which will be released in fall 2010 AND a thank you in the liner notes (Note: Deadline to be in the liner notes is Dec. 8th, 2010)!

$100 - 4 Autographed, pre-ordered copies of the CD, which will be released in fall 2010 AND a thank you in the liner notes! (Use them as Christmas gifts!)

$200 or more – Sponsor a song! Receive everything from the $100 level, but also your name listed as the sponsor of a song of your choice (first come, first-served) on the CD.

$500 or more – House concert! Receive 4 Autographed, pre-ordered copies of the CD, which will be released in fall 2010, a thank you in the liner notes, and a house concert performance for you and your friends. (House concerts must be within 100 miles of: Nashville, Atlanta, DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, NYC, Boston, Chicago and fit within my existing tour schedule)

$1000 or more – Lots of CDs. I’ll make you brownies. You’ll be listed as an “Angel” donor on the CD with a really long thank you. I’ll make a video of me singing whatever song you want and put it on youtube. Hand-made puffy paint T-shirt? You got it. You get the idea ☺

I have a paypal donation button set up here:

or you can e-mail me directly at: if you’d rather mail a donation. I’m really looking forward to making a terrific album, and appreciate everything you’ve done for me in my crazy musical adventure so far. The era of major-label backed albums is over, but I look at this as an opportunity for this new album to be a shared effort. I can’t do it without you ☺

Much love,

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hey Kate, Whatcha Been Up To?

Sorry about the blog absence for the past week or so. Life in Nashville has been just grand, but a bit busy. I finally got to bring my new FlipHD to a live show, but learned the hard way that I need to position it far from any speakers. I'm really psyched about playing with a drummer (Steve Sinatra) and a singing, strumming side man (Russell Wolff) though, so I'm going to post the video from this Tuesday's performance at the Basement New Faces Night despite its sketchy audio. This is mainly because I want you to hear the new "trio" setup, but also because I really like the shirt I chose to wear.  Russell and Steve are invisible (camera was on a tripod focused on yours truly), but they're cool as hell.

Enjoy :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The cities I've lived in, personified as boyfriends (and a video of "Ripple")

Boston - My first true love. I fell for you deeply, and completely. I dreamed of us spending the rest of our lives together, but I suppose I always knew. You came from money, and I was never going to be able to afford that lifestyle. You were often cold, and hard to navigate. In being with you, I distanced myself from my family. You brought out the wild child in me - the college girl, up-all-night adventures. You moved me into my first apartment, were with me at the bar when I turned 21, and gave me a long hug goodbye when I packed up and left you at 25. We spent a total of 7 years together, and I think a part of me will always wonder... what would have happened if I had stayed?

Philadelphia - You were an old high school friend, and I came running to you after my break up with Boston. I wish I had treated you better, but I suppose we both knew that you were a rebound. You're a great guy, really, and I wish more people knew it. We saw some great concerts, ate some great food, and watched the Phillies take the World Series together. I hope we can still be friends. I really mean that. I'll call you. Say hi to my mom.

Washington, DC - Oh DC. Our relationship was a mere 6 months, but intense nonetheless. I'd had a crush on you for years. I should have known better when I realized that you weren't really into music. I let you drive my car to Annapolis that one time and you crashed it. The sad part is that I was would have stuck with you, had you not broken my heart. But now I'm bitter, and not afraid to tell you that sometimes you smell bad. And you're bad at baseball. Ha.*

Nashville - Dear Nashville, with your independent coffee shops and your surprisingly good sushi. With your Centennial Park and your unbelievable songs. With your friendly strangers and secret society of blogging geeks. I think, maybe, you're the one.

*Disclaimer to the couple of DC-area fans who read this. I love you guys! Just not my DC experience and how hard it is to get a dang show there. I promise to visit and sing songs as soon as I can.

Speaking of, here's a video of me singing a song in the DC area, at last year's Mid-Atlantic Song contest ceremony.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

First Video Blog! Snow Day Adventure...

Well, my brand new Flip UltraHD came in the mail this week. Friends, I am in love. When Nashville declared 1/8/10 a snow day, I decided to film my first video blog entry with my good friend Brooks West.


Sunday, January 03, 2010

My hair, at this moment (oh yes, and Happy New Year)

Wow. I just went to brush my teeth, and the craziness that is my hair caused me to laugh out loud. I want to share this crazy hair with you:

But I can't blog JUST about my hair. (Can I?). I don't know how you folks welcomed in the New Year, but I spent my 1/1/10 in a coffeeshop plotting how to be a more fulfilled and successful artist. I recently read an article about how an artist can make a living (or most of one) if they have 1000 true fans (a true fan being someone who goes to all or most of your shows, buys your new albums, and perhaps reads your blog even when it's just silly pictures and rants). With a new CD on the horizon, this really does seem like the right approach. So stay tuned as I implement my ideas (working on my mailing list, video blogs, street team, etc.) and feel free to share your suggestions, let me know if you think you're a "true fan," and tell anyone who will listen that I exist.

Oh, and you can read that article here.