Friday, February 12, 2010

Album Update, Sweet New Haircut, Happy Valentine's Day

A three part blog update...

Part 1 - Album Update

Thanks, thanks and thanks for supporting the upcoming album! It's been less than two weeks, but we've raised 15% of the funds needed for the new album! If you're considering donating (which reserves you one or more copies of the album as soon as it's done) go here:

or you can e-mail me directly at: if you’d rather mail a donation. For a detailed description of all the perks and levels of support, see my last blog post :) I'm so touched by the help I've already received. You all deserve puppies. (But I can't give you puppies, so you'll have to settle for the new album. At least the album will never go number 2 in your shoe.)

Blog, Part 2: My new haircut.

I got a haircut today. I also made a crazy face. 
The combined result is this picture.

Blog, part 3: Happy Valentine's Day.

I feel obligated to say this, primarily because a three-part blog sounds cooler than a two-part blog. I've been hanging out with a lot of five year-olds lately. For them, Valentine's Day is all about the candy, and has nothing to do with romance. They are SO right.


Album, haircut, candy = good
Valentine's Day, untrained puppies = meh.
Thanks for reading :)


1 comment:

KK said...

Way to go, Kate! 15% is just the beginning! Dig the new do & the crazy face! LOL..

p.s. Kids do have it right.. CANDY!!! (I'm still workin' on some dark chocolate I received.. It's the hizzy :))