Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kamikaze Love

Oh, how I do love this new album.

It's coming along great! Ridiculously behind schedule? Yes. But worth every extra moment, and every crazy trip to Boston during my rare free weekends.

I've been posting a lot to the making-of-the-CD blog (which you can have access to if you pre-order the CD! Just use the handy-dandy paypal button at but didn't mean to deny this blog the occasional sneak peak. So here you go:


Laura Riley said...

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ALBUM!!!! It sounds great so far and I can't wait to hear the rest!

Texhawk said...

This album is going to be phenomenal. :)

Santa was going to give everyone Kamikaze Love for Christmas, but the elves used all the blank CDs for Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift CDs! :(

Kateklim said...

Thanks guys!!! And Terry... I'm so sad to hear about the CD shortage. There will be some very happy 13 year olds, though :)