Thursday, February 03, 2011


Oh creativity, you always strike in the wee hours. Like 1am.

I feel like I've been writing a bunch of science songs lately. I just finished a song about love and the apocalypse (literally mentioning birds falling from the sky, massive amounts of dead fish, and Iran enriching Uranium). Hopefully I'll record that one soon. And while it's not a new song, "Nothing To Do With You" mentions Occam's razor. Ooh, and the bridge to "Why It's Blue" loosely explains how certain colors of the light spectrum get absorbed by the atmosphere. Maybe my next album will have science theme...

I started this song, and made this rough recording last night. This is just the start of a song about stars and space. Or really, it's about my desire for big and distant things, and how the difficulty or distance doesn't make them shine any less brightly, nor appeal to me any less.

These aren't going to be the final lyrics. I wanted to re-record "where we're going" as "where I'm going," but at that exact moment, science failed me and my recording equipment decided it did not want to play nice with Snow Leopard. Technology thwarts my science song!

So, a glimpse into my creative process...

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Texhawk said...

Is it a coincidence that when thousands of birds start falling from the sky and fish float to the surface, McDonald's has a special on Filet-o-fish and "Chicken" nuggets? Don't think so. :(