Tuesday, November 01, 2011

New Musiks

Well, while I may not be blogging up a storm, I've been writing up a storm. I still need to demo the love song (that's right! of the non-tragic--albeit hypothetical--variety!) I wrote a few months back that I'm pretty psyched about. So that one's coming. But here's a new (still working the kinks out, rough 2am demo) song called "I Tried to Warn You":

Part of the energy behind all this writing (aside from my ever-complicated personal life) is a great new "Song Salon" I've been attending here in Nashville. Hosted by the incomparable Amy Speace, the salon is a group of great, dedicated songwriters who gather weekly to eat, drink and share their newest songs for suggestions, critique and some cheerleading. It's kind of amazing. And it has me bringing out old songs I'd abandoned, pushing myself to write more, and finding inspiration in my talented friends.

So yay for that :) Happy November.

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Jeff Howell said...

Thanks for sharing the new song! :)