Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kate's First Blog Post

So... I went to a tech conference in Nashville today to attend a session on viral marketing. Since I've been battling the plague for the past few days (a.k.a. a nasty sinus infection) it seemed all too fitting.
Anyway... the guy suggested I start a blog.

Lately I've been recording my new songs as soon as I finish them, and posting them to my myspace, so this seems like another great way to deliver new material directly to you. Since moving to Nashville, I've been fascinated by the music industry, and what everyone seems to think is its imminent demise. I don't think the "industry" is dying though... just the middleman. (Fortunately, the middleman was kind of an a-hole.) I think that the future is a world where artists deliver music directly to fans, which I hope to do here. It's also a world where those artists then get on their hovercrafts and fly off to pick up their robot-children from Gymboree (also run by robots). Also, in the future I'm 5'6 and know karate.
So, keep an eye out for new music up here. And other odd musings. I have plenty of those, too.


Dan said...

Hey Kate .. love that song!! Really nice. You crack me up .. I've been praying for the day of the hovercraft. Please keep posting more stuff. (.. and yes .. im intimidated by the pic)

RunRebRun said...

Yea for a new blog! I love the new song. I think in the future you should be the same height, but everyone else should get shorter. :)