Friday, January 29, 2010

Hey Kate, Whatcha Been Up To?

Sorry about the blog absence for the past week or so. Life in Nashville has been just grand, but a bit busy. I finally got to bring my new FlipHD to a live show, but learned the hard way that I need to position it far from any speakers. I'm really psyched about playing with a drummer (Steve Sinatra) and a singing, strumming side man (Russell Wolff) though, so I'm going to post the video from this Tuesday's performance at the Basement New Faces Night despite its sketchy audio. This is mainly because I want you to hear the new "trio" setup, but also because I really like the shirt I chose to wear.  Russell and Steve are invisible (camera was on a tripod focused on yours truly), but they're cool as hell.

Enjoy :)

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steve said...

Great song!!