Sunday, January 03, 2010

My hair, at this moment (oh yes, and Happy New Year)

Wow. I just went to brush my teeth, and the craziness that is my hair caused me to laugh out loud. I want to share this crazy hair with you:

But I can't blog JUST about my hair. (Can I?). I don't know how you folks welcomed in the New Year, but I spent my 1/1/10 in a coffeeshop plotting how to be a more fulfilled and successful artist. I recently read an article about how an artist can make a living (or most of one) if they have 1000 true fans (a true fan being someone who goes to all or most of your shows, buys your new albums, and perhaps reads your blog even when it's just silly pictures and rants). With a new CD on the horizon, this really does seem like the right approach. So stay tuned as I implement my ideas (working on my mailing list, video blogs, street team, etc.) and feel free to share your suggestions, let me know if you think you're a "true fan," and tell anyone who will listen that I exist.

Oh, and you can read that article here.

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Nate ( said...

Kate, I just checked out your blog. I'm impressed with how engaging it is. Most blogs I come across by musicians are boring and trite. Way to bring the awesome!