Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dress Up for Laundry Day

Long ago (2005) in a land far, far away (Somerville, MA), I used to have to go to the laundromat to do my laundry. It was quite inconvenient, as well as annoying. But everything changed when I invented "dress up for laundry day."

You see, by the time laundry day rolls around, all of your good clothes are dirty. Most folks at the laundromat wore some combination of PJ pants, workout clothes, old t-shirts, or other miscellany. I wore a similar sad uniform as well- until I realized one other type of clothing remained clean come laundry day: my fancy clothes. Once this realization occurred, there was no doubt in my mind as to what must be done. "Dress Up for Laundry Day" was born.

I started to look forward to laundry day. There was a local coffee shop (True Grounds, how I miss thee!) that I would often walk down to after transferring my clothes to the dryer. I remember the day I ordered my chai latte wearing a bright pink tube dress, purple shrug, and black and white checked shoes.

This memory occurred to me today, as I sat down to do a task I wasn't particularly looking forward to. I believe, with a little creativity, most tasks can be fun.

That said, this is what I wore while I highlighted and entered my EZ Pass statements into excel in preparation for my taxes, and yes, that is a big bow in my hair:

Dress Up for Laundry Day, please meet Dress Up for Tax Prep Day. I think you'll get along just fine.

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