Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cover songs?

So, I just went to this really inspiring meeting at NSAI about being a DIY musician and using the internet to grow a fan base. One really good item that I learned was that Youtube is the #1 search engine (it is one, after all) for music. And the best way to get people to your Youtube channel is by doing a cover song... (yes, Laura, you have been telling me this for years...)

Anyway, looks like I'll be making a video of a cover song. Suggestions, folks?


Texhawk said...

In keeping with your lost love theme and the 40th anniversary of the "Tapestry" album, how about "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" :)
While you are there, check out "Smackwater Jack" that we talked about when you were here with Kim Richardson.

Texhawk said...

Your voice might be a better match on a song like "The Circle Game", by Joni Mitchell. I also like "Both Sides Now", and "Big Yellow Taxi".

ZephyrProcess said...

“Will you still love me…” is a good suggestion! What about Paul Simon's "Hearts and Bones?"

Jeff Howell said...

"Tonight and The Rest of My Life" by Nina Gordon, one of my favorites and I think might suit your voice and piano well.
"Summer Rain" by Belinda Carlisle.
"Mad World" by Gary Jules/Tears for Fears.
"Two Points for Honesty" by Guster.
"Collide" by Howie Day.

A few odd ball songs I think could be given a new twist: "Safety Dance". "Bad Boys" the Cops Theme by Inner Circle.

"Come Clean" by Hilary Duff.
"Cry Love" by John Hiatt.
"Lead Me On" by Gloriana.
"Life Goes On" By LeAnn Rimes.
"The Power of Goodbye" by Madonna.
"Life" by Our Lady Peace.
"Two Beds and a Coffee Machine" by Savage Garden.
"Throw It All Away" By Toad The Wet Sprocket.
"Never To Late For Love" by Warren Zevon.