Thursday, April 26, 2012

Work in Progress

So, my failure to maintain this blog is exactly why I shouldn't get a dog. Anyway, I've been writing again. I just posted a rough-draft, not quite finished song on Bandcamp, but I like it. Listen for yourself...


KK said...

Believe me, Kate. I know how you feel. Puppies, h3ll... MOST dogs are so adorable... but, I'd be spending a lot o' $ & coordinating other people to take care o' it for me while I'm gone!

p.s. Nice new track partial :)... Look fwd to the whole thing down the road! :D

Safe travels! :D

indigo_wolf said...
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indigo_wolf said...

Wheeeee.... new (to me)post on a night I have insomnia. Thanks muchly.

If blogs had wet noses or talked/ran in their sleep they would be harder to neglect.

Weird rentals in Tokyo have skyrocketed as a business. Wee furry ones canine or feline can definitely be high maintenance, but that's still kind of disturbing.

Cheers for the song.

Going to see if I can sleep through the cats broken lawn mower purring. :o/

Kateklim said...

Update! I finished and tweaked it, and updated the file here. Enjoy!